About Us

For Consumers

Kerzoop is an e-commerce website providing consumers with special deals heard on internet radio and apps. Our goal is to provide quality products at discount prices. Listen to the online stations for the special codes to get the advertised prices!


Do you have products to sell? Kerzoop is your one-stop shop for advertising and sales. Since we make our money on a pay-per-sale basis, your out-of-pocket expense is minimal. We provide the online station their stipend and we take a minimal transaction fee. We handle collecting the payments for you (including credit card payments) and can even warehouse and fulfill your orders if you want. (Or we just send you the purchase order and you fulfill on your own.)

Kerzoop fulfillment is provided by Sugar River Trading Company, LLC. We can offer creative services through the Gunter Agency to create your radio commercial and banner ads.

Call Randy at 608-424-0264 to discuss advertising on Kerzoop.com.

Online Radio Stations

Do you have an online radio station or other media company? Want to air commercials where you are paid per sale? Consumers on Kerzoop.com only get the discount prices when they put in their discount code—and they get the code from you! 

We provide the commercials and the banners, you just need to air them and set up the links. (Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through that part if you haven’t done it before.)

If you have unused or underpaying commercial inventory, consider airing the commercials from Kerzoop.

Online radio stations that carry our advertising can become a member of our media listing app at no charge. (We’re currently building apps where all of our member stations can be played directly, this is in addition to any apps that you may already be on.) 

Kerzoop was created to help the online radio world. We can only be successful if we create value for both the advertiser and the stations. We want you to be successful. Call Chris at Dyersville New Media for more information on how you can air our commercials and start getting paid.

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