Hardrock Gunter Autographed Limited Edition Print

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Hardrock Gunter was a pioneer of early rock and roll. In the book "what was the first rock and roll record?", authors Jim Dawson and Stever Prombes nominate Hardrock's song Birmingham Bounce as a candidate for that distinction. His follow up song, Gonna Rock and Roll, Gonna Dance All Night is referred to as the first song that uses the phrase "rock and roll" in a musical context.

"Rock", as he was known to his friends, died in 2013. A few years before his passing, he was involved in the creation of these limited edition prints. These are handsigned with a Sharpieby Hardrock across the photo. When you purchase the print, you will get a letter of authenticity as well as a copy of a picture of Hardrock signing the prints!

These are of a limited edition of 250, signed and number in pencil at the bottom by the artist Brian Buckner. Your print will be from the numbers 140 to 250.

These prints are 16 x 20 inches, printed on a heavy stock using a metallic silver ink using a letterpress. The letterpress physically stamps the image on from a metal plate and you can see indentation on the paper itself. The metallic ink reflects the light. The photograph on the image was printed separately. 

These will be shipped in an oversized flat cardboard envelope. (Rolling them wouldn't work with the heavy paper.) Free shipping in the 48 continguous United States.